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7 Reasons Why Minimalist Jewelry Is the Best

minimalist jewelry

In 2017, consumers spent about $77 million on jewelry and watches

With some jewelry pieces being so expensive, you may be wondering what type of jewelry you should spend your hard-earned money on. 

You may want to consider minimalist jewelry. 

Minimalism makes everything better, and jewelry is no exception. Find out seven reasons why minimalist jewelry is the best.

What Is Minimalism?

Before we talk about the reasons why you should invest in that type of jewelry, you may be wondering what minimalist even means.

Minimalism is a new trend that focuses on simplicity. There shouldn’t be any fussy or overwhelming bling. Instead, it should be simple and subtle. 

Minimalism goes against the standards of over-consumption and everything being overcrowded and cluttered. Many people have their homes decorated with a minimalist style. 

Normally these houses don’t have a lot of decoration or clutter and are focused on good lighting and clean furniture. 

The same can be true with jewelry. With minimalism jewelry, there isn’t a lot of flashy or clunky pieces. Most of them will be something like a ring with a small gem. Or maybe it will be a necklace with a small gold chain and a simple pendant at the end of it. 

So now let’s look at how you can fit this type of jewelry into your style

1. Less Is Always More

Even without following the trend of minimalism, less is always more. It can be overwhelming to wear bold statements like giant necklaces or big hoop earrings. 

However, that isn’t the trend as much anymore. This kind of jewelry will let you make a statement without being the main focus of your entire outfit. Small stud earrings will go better with your outfit than giant hoop or dangling earrings will.

In addition to that, you risk putting together too much bold jewelry and getting lost in it. With all of that jewelry, it can be difficult to know where to look. 

With minimalism jewelry, you can actually call more attention to the piece because it won’t be overshadowed by all your other jewelry pieces. 

2. They’re Classics

Simple jewelry has always been a classic. These classic pieces of jewelry will never have an expiration date, so you can be assured that you will be able to get your use out of the pieces.

Pieces like pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, or pearl earrings are all classics but also part of the minimalist trend for jewelry. These can also be worn with all kinds of different outfits because of how simple and elegant they are. 

When you do start combining different pieces, make sure that you stick to either gems or metal tones. If you start combing the two, you may get more of a cluttered look instead. 

3. Will Never Go Out of Style

As we said above, some of these pieces will never go out of style.

With how crowded and cluttered things are still becoming, minimalism will just become more and more popular. 

And no matter where the fashion trends you, you will always be able to pull off a simple necklace or a single bangle. 

Bright and bold jewelry may be in style at one point, but these kinds of trends come and go, so you may not get as many wears out of those pieces. 

4. Offer a Clean, Classy Look

Minimalism will help offer a clean and classy look for your outfits. 

If you look back at the trend of jewelry over the years, it used to be extravagant, big, and bold. However, recently the trends have started to shift to something more simple and basic. 

This trend will help you pair the jewelry with any outfit and still make it look clean and elegant without being distracting. 

5. Can Be Sentimental Pieces of Jewelry 

Just because the jewelry is simple and subtle doesn’t mean that it can’t have sentimental value behind it.

These pieces of jewelry can actually be even more sentimental than other pieces. This could be a gift from a significant other, and even though it’s a small piece of jewelry, there is still a lot of thought behind it. 

It may also end up becoming your favorite piece of jewelry — the one that you can’t leave the house without. 

These pieces of jewelry could also be passed down to later generations because these pieces will never go out of style. 

6. They’re Versatile

These subtle pieces of jewelry are also extremely versatile. Versatility is one of the main fundamentals for something to be minimalist. Being able to be used over and over again goes against consumerism, meaning that minimalism is also more than just an aesthetic choice. 

These pieces that you decide to buy will be able to last you for years to come, and you will be able to use them with almost any outfit. 

You can have many different pieces of subtle jewelry and still be able to find a use for every single one. 

You can even pair different pieces of minimalism jewelry together and still not have it look like you are wearing too much jewelry. 

7. Easy to Match With Your Outfit

Finally, these pieces are easy to match with your outfit.

The accessories are sometimes the most important part of the outfit, and if you have subtle pieces of jewelry, it will be a lot easier to figure out what will match with what.

With subtle jewelry, you won’t have to worry about putting on too much or distracting people from the rest of your outfit.  

Buy Minimalist Jewelry Today

Minimalist jewelry is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, and these pieces will last you for years to come. 

Although this jewelry is fairly simple, you still may be wondering which piece to buy.

If you’re still not sure what pieces of jewelry to pick out, feel free to contact us today!

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