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Dress-up for that Role: 8 Job Interview Jewelry Ideas

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Only 2% of candidates receive offers for job interviews, which means if you’ve gotten a callback, you’re one of the lucky few. But you’re not in the clear yet. You still have to get through the interview itself and wait for a job offer

Sure, the answers you give for an interview can sway it one way or another. But what you wear (or don’t wear) can influence a company’s interest in you too.

Got an interview coming up? Then keep reading. We’ll give you 8 job interview jewelry ideas so you can hit it out of the park.

1. Stud Earrings

If you have your ears pierced, a pair of tasteful earrings can make you look more put-together. Avoid wearing anything that’s too dangly and flashy, as those earrings may be too distracting for your interviewer.

Instead, opt for a pair of stud earrings. They’ll add a bit of sparkle, which will catch your interviewer’s eyes. But they won’t be swaying back and forth while you answer questions.

Try to pick neutral shapes, such as a circle, oval, or rectangle. Shapes such as stars or hearts may come off a bit juvenile and not very professional for a job interview.

2. Pearl Choker

A pearl necklace may come off as too old-fashioned; this can signify that you don’t have the sense to keep up with trends. If you enjoy the old-school look but want to perk it up a bit, a pearl choker can be a fantastic choice.

You’ll get the classic pearl-white look without appearing as if you’re a time traveler. This choker will accent any professional outfit and show that your tastes are both excellent and updated when it comes to fashion.

3. Minimalist Layered Necklace

Don’t like the look of pearls? Then go for a minimalist layered necklace instead.

Combined with intricate designs throughout, the layered aesthetic is perfect if your blouse is boat-necked or cut lower than usual (take care not to wear one that’s too low cut, as cleavage is frowned upon).

Both silver and gold are great picks, but if you want a more neutral color, opt for silver. Silver tends to match with a wider range of color than gold does.

4. The Simpler, the Better

You want to exude confidence for your job interview, which means you need to dress up from your regular outfits. You may be tempted to wear as many accessories as you can, but that can come off as overkill.

Keep in mind that the simpler you go, the better. For example, instead of stacking multiple bracelets, rings, and/or necklaces, just pick out the best ones and wear only one of each. This gives you a cleaner, more pristine appearance.

Statement jewelry can have a powerful and lasting effect, but wearing pieces over them can detract from it. Let your best pieces speak for themselves by wearing them on their own.

5. Avoid Plastic Pieces

Yes, plastic pieces of jewelry can be simple and unflashy, which is a good aesthetic. But most of the time, they can lean so far on the opposite spectrum they come off as cheap and tacky. If you show up to your interview wearing plastic pieces, your interviewers won’t think too highly of you at all.

The good news is, you can wear precious metals and stones without it being too snobby. For instance, a silver ring with an emerald can look quite pleasant with a business-casual outfit.

6. Pick “Silent” Bracelets

When we get nervous, some of us have a tendency to over articulate, especially with hand gestures. If you’re one of these people, and you want to wear a bracelet for your interview, make sure you pick a “silent” one.

When you start waving your hands in the air, there’s nothing more distracting than the sound of your bracelets clanging against one another, or on the table in front of you. Eliminate those potential distractions by wearing just one bracelet. A tighter-fitting one may also lower the chances of it flailing about.

7. Avoid Displaying your Facial Piercings

While an increasing amount of workplaces are becoming more accepting of tattoos and piercings, around 60% still won’t hire candidates who have them. While you may define and express yourself through these things, there’s a time and place to do so; your job interview isn’t it.

Whether it’s an eyebrow, lip, or nose piercing, be sure to take it out or wear a clear retainer for your interview. This will show that you have a respect for the workplace and the employer can trust you to have good judgment.

Of course, after you get the job, you can always ask if tattoos and piercings are okay in the office. But never just assume for either the interview or after you’re hired.

8. No Jewelry Is Fine

If you’re someone who doesn’t normally wear jewelry, it’s fine to not wear any to your interview, so long as your outfit isn’t too casual. You want to show your interviewer that you take this position and workplace seriously; showing up in jeans, a tank top, and flip flops can send the wrong message.

But so long as you dress smartly, jewelry is optional. Sure, it may help you appear more radiant or confident, but you don’t need to rush out to buy a few pieces. Just make sure you’re spot on with your interview responses!

Wear the Right Job Interview Jewelry

By using our tips for the right job interview jewelry, you’re sure to put on an outfit that’ll look both professional and stunning. First impressions are vital to the success of your interviews, so make sure you nail it with these key dos and don’ts on accessories!

Ready to pick up some new jewelry for your job interview? Then take a look at our selection now!

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