9 Gorgeous Jewelry Trends To Use This Spring

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It’s about to be spring of the new year and that means new fashion trends. If you’re someone who likes to stay on top of the latest styles or is interested in knowing what’s hot in the fashion world, we are here to help.

To be the most stylish person in the office keep reading below to see the top 9 new jewelry trends for 2020 spring. 

1. Tortoiseshell Designs

Tortoiseshell designs have been around for years, so why will they be trending in spring 2020? This fan-favorite design will be getting an upgrade and be used in unique jewelry, bringing the design back as one of the new jewelry trends.

Look for big hoops with this design or even unique earrings that incorporate it. Necklaces can have a pendant or charm that isn’t your typical circle in the tortoiseshell design. 

2. Colors on Colors

One of the big spring jewelry trends for 2020 is going to be color. Expect to see accessories with a lot of bright colors mingling together to create eye-stopping pieces. 

From earrings, rings, and necklaces these pieces are going to be large, statement-making accessories. Multi-colored gems or trinkets will come together to create beautiful pieces. Even be on the lookout for unique bracelets that will fit into this trend. 

3. Jewelry for Your Shoes

Yes, you read that right one of the biggest fashion trends in jewelry is for your shoes. Chains will be included on pumps and heels to make them the star of the show.

If you can’t find a shoe with chains already included, go ahead and buy an anklet, bracelet, or necklace to wrap around your ankle. Make sure it goes with the shoe and that it isn’t hiding under your pants or skirt.

Chains aren’t the only jewelry there is for shoes. If wearing heels, the heels can be draped in a gem curtain. This is a style that thinks outside of the box and can be worn in many ways, which allows you to be creative. 

4. Links and Chains

Jewelry that is linked together or even a simple chain is a trend to watch out for. This minimal look can add the touching finishes to any outfit and even help to brighten it up.

To incorporate chains or links into your wardrobe look for earrings that have a few links. Match it with a necklace of the same metal (gold or silver) and even grab a bracelet to finish the set. 

This style doesn’t have to stay minimal if that’s not your thing. You can find large statement pieces of linked metal to fit your personal style. 

5. Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

Pearls are timeless and will always be a beautiful accessory to any outfit. They can be worn in many ways and because of that, they are a trending jewelry fashion for the new year.

Instead of wearing a string of pearls around your neck or on your wrist, try thinking outside of the box and grabbing a statement necklace that is accented with pearls. Pearls by themselves are great, but this trend focuses on having pearls along with a metal or pop of color. 

6. Single Earrings

One of the edgiest trends of the season is single earrings. This one earring is to be worn in the ear of your choice by itself.

These earrings are met to be large and in charge. You will find hoops that hang below your collar bone and ones that look like animals such as dragons. If you are interested in this trend but are more of a minimal style person, then you can rock a few strands of diamonds or even a large stud.

7. Birds Are In

It wouldn’t be a new fashion season if we didn’t see inspiration from an animal. This spring birds are the animals getting attention.

Skip buying things that are patterned like feathers and shoot for pieces that are shaped like birds. Look for jewel-encrusted earrings of a parrot or even a bird pendant on a long necklace. 

8. Collars Will Make a Statement

One of the newest trends to hit the jewelry world is statement collars. These necklaces lay on your neck tight like chokers but are wider. Since there is more material to them, they can be adorned with gems or even hold metal loops or chains.

You can choose from a selection of leather with accents, plain metal, or even large chain liked collars. These are great for drawing attention and should be the star of your outfit. 

9. Ear Cuffs

Usually, ear cuffs are small and dainty, but the ones that are trending in the 2020 season are big and can be seen from a bit away. These large ear cuffs are known as statement ear cuffs because they draw the eye and steal the show.

Look for cuffs in gold or silver. You can wear these plain as long as they are large. You can even find some cuffs with jewels or chains hanging off. 

Know You’re Aware of the New Jewlrey Trends for 2020

You may have noticed that statement pieces are in for the new jewelry trends of the 2020 spring season. As long as you find pieces that are large and in charge, you will be one of the most stylish people on the block.

Look for collars with chains or bright necklaces adorned with pearls to wear two trends at once. 

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