A Winter Wonderland: 7 Striking Jewelry Trends for Winter 2019

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Fall trends have come and gone, but with the fall foliage tumbling away in favor of brittle snow, it’s time to break out your burgundy sweaters and velvet dresses for the winter season of holiday parties. 

And if you’re a woman of style, that means incorporating all the latest and most beautiful jewelry trends of the winter 2019 season. 

The good news? Jewelry this winter offers a little something for every fashionista, from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s girls to the year-round rockers to the eclectic yet chic individualist. Here are seven styles that you can’t afford to miss when doing your rounds at this year’s holiday parties. 

1. Pearl Girls

If you agree with Jackie O that pearls are always appropriate, you’re in luck: pearls are all the rage this winter.

But these aren’t your great-grandma’s pearls. In winter 2019, pearls are getting a fresh update. Pearls can stay true to their preppy, elegant roots (and hey, you’re always justified in channeling actual princess Grace Kelly) but they’ve come out of their conventional shell, from South Sea to Akoya pearls. 

They can be baroque, Parisian, chic, even edgy. So don’t be afraid to wear your pearls with a sense of adventure. 

2. Biker Chic Rides Again

Who says you need a motorcycle? As Alexander McQueen’s autumn/winter 2019 show demonstrates, heavy metal is back for round two. 

With boxy designs, stacks of piercings, and bold chokers, biker chic has made a return (but really, did it ever go out of style?) You can opt for the classic biker chick staples (ripped jeans, band t-shirts, leather everything) to go with your jewelry, or you can tone it down with something softer like a slip dress. 

3. Swing from the Chandelier

Who says less is more? In 2019, more is more–especially when it comes to your earrings. Think showstopping chandelier earrings that are just as big and bold as the impression you want to make at your next holiday party. 

Traditionally, chandelier earrings emulated the light fixtures from which they take their name, dripping with crystals. These days, though, chandelier earrings are branching into a new world. Some are all metal, some contain a mix of gemstones. 

You could have a pair of earrings that channels old Hollywood glam, or you could have your new favorite boho chic earrings. Either way, there’s a pair of chandelier earrings for every holiday party, no matter what your aesthetic may be. 

4. Chain Gang

Of course, you don’t need gemstones to make a big statement. Blast some MIA and break out your big chains, because the chain gang is here to stay in 2019. 

The nice thing about bold chains is that there are plenty of ways to wear them. You could go for a chunky rope chain, a mixed-material chain channeling the best of the 70s, or even layers of thin chains decked out with charms and medallions, there’s a chain for every fashionista on the block. 

5. Straight and Narrow

Okay, full disclosure: bold chandelier earrings are tons of fun, but they’re also tons of material. They can get heavy. Plus, if you have long hair or curly hair of any kind, your hair can easily get caught in the earrings (or just hide them from sight). 

Sometimes, a girl just needs a great pair of long, delicate dangly earrings. 

Think long, shimmery droplet earrings, the kind that are understated but elegant and never go out of style. And trust us, you’re in good company: long, linear earrings were the style on this year’s fall runways. 

Don’t be afraid to go for earrings that make a statement, even on the straight and narrow–these kinds of earrings have great movement and are a great way to tie an outfit together. 

6. Choked Up

Remember back when you wore cheap plastic chokers? Those days are over, and chokers have broadened their horizons. 

Pearls have found their edgy side when paired with big chains in chokers. Gucci’s fall 2019 runway featured spiky chokers worthy of the most fashionable punk rock show. There are even chokers featuring a cascade of rhinestones, the perfect complement to a low neckline and a stylish dinner party outfit. 

7. Broach the Topic

Brooches have a reputation to unpack (and by reputation, we mean flea markets and little old ladies). Happily, brooches are getting a modern update that brings them into the 21st century for young trendsetters. 

Household names like Van Cleef & Arpels and Chanel have brought some brooch styles out of their archives and reintroduced them to the 2019 runways to great success. Whether you want a garden party of brooches or a cluster of gems, brooches of 2019 are wonderfully versatile. 

Seriously, are you obsessed with this glittery dragonfly brooch? Because we are. 

Plus, women of today are learning that a brooch need not be confined to the lapel. You can use a brooch for an elegant surprise at the back of your dress, on your shirtsleeves, or at your collar for a burst of sophistication. 

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