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For Him: Best Jewelry Guide for Men

best men's jewelry

In 2018, the global jewelry market size was valued at $278.5 billion. While women are mainly driving these revenues, you’d be surprised to learn that the growing acceptance of jewelry for men also plays a huge part.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your husband has been adding a few pieces to their outfits, and they’re looking more dapper than ever. And maybe an anniversary or birthday is coming up, and you want to get him some new jewelry to add to his collection.

Need some help picking something out?

Below, we’ll discuss the best men’s jewelry you can buy for that special guy in your life.

Gold Necklace

A gold necklace can be a simple and elegant way to dress up any outfit your husband chooses.

Some people may find yellow gold too gaudy; if you or your man is one of these people, then you can consider white gold. That way, you’ll get the same quality of metal but in a more suitable tone.

The length of the gold necklace will depend on what aesthetic your guy likes and what outfits he favors. You can gift him with a few of differing lengths so he can use them a few at a time by layering them.

You can choose to keep it simple by just giving him a gold chain or upgrade it a little with a small pendant. Don’t go too crazy with it though; a small cross (if he’s religious) or a beautiful stone is just enough to give the necklace a special touch.


You may think of a watch as an accessory, but it also has its aesthetic functions. Think of the bigger and classier watch brands, like Rolex and Omega.

What comes first to your mind? Elegance and style, of course.

Whether you choose watches with metal bands or leather straps, a new watch is sure to jazz up your man’s outfits. Of course, you don’t have to break the bank to find him the perfect watch.

While these days, everyone has smartphones to check the time, it’s always useful to have a watch on your wrist. With a flick of his wrist, your guy can quickly find out what time it is, all without breaking his stride. This can be useful when he’s in a rush, has his hands full, and can’t deal with the hassle of digging out his phone from his pocket or bag.

The best thing about these watches is you can wear anything with them. So whether he’s wearing a business suit or jeans and a t-shirt, the watch you get him will look perfect.

Braided Wristband

If you feel like a watch is too bulky for your husband’s wrist, then consider getting him a braided wristband instead.

These are great for men who like to go casual, even when they’re at work. The braided bit will be made out of leather, which gives it a classier look than one made with twine or rope. It’s the perfect casual look that’s in between surfer and businessman.

Is your guy a klutz? Then no worries. These bracelets come with a magnetic clasp so he won’t have to struggle too much to get one on by himself. Simply connect the two ends and the bracelet will snap into place by itself.

Metal Chain Bracelet

Does your significant other prefer metal to leather? Then get him a metal chain bracelet. While many men stick to traditional colors such as yellow gold, white gold, silver, or copper, your man might be different.

For him, there’s the rose gold chain bracelet. These offer a distinct look, and with rose gold trending in recent years, it probably has great appeal to your guy. These bracelets are studded with small rhinestones, which give them a flashy look.

If your husband is a fan of rose gold, then the above bracelet is surely one he’ll appreciate. The bracelet itself is also very unique, so the other guys in the office probably won’t have anything like it.

Chunky Ring

Who says the only ring men can wear is a wedding ring? They can certainly add others to bump up their style!

One such ring your husband may enjoy is a chunky ring. It’s very clean and simple, and it still has a masculine feel to it. Made out of titanium, these rings are very durable and of high quality.

For a striking look, you can get your man one in black titanium, which has a sleek look. But if you’d rather keep it more traditional, there are certainly other color choices, such as silver and gold.

Another option is stainless steel with a wooden inset. Considering all pieces of wood have their own unique characteristics, this will be a gift that’s truly unique. Plus, if your man is a fan of nature, this can be a small piece of it he can wear every day.

Fashion Gold Rings

For something more reminiscent of class rings, consider purchasing a fashion gold ring. These are also masculine in style, featuring a large resin block in the middle.

These are classic rings that are vintage looking, so if your husband is a fan of antiques, these can be a great choice for gifting him. While these look pricey, you’ll be pleased to know they’re very affordable!

Get the Best Men’s Jewelry Today

By knowing the best men’s jewelry out there, you’ll have an easier time purchasing the perfect piece for the man in your life. From rings to bracelets, there’s always something that’ll match his style.

So don’t delay your gift buying. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve picked out something that’ll wow his socks off.

If you’re ready to buy your significant other a great present, then take a look at our selection of men’s jewelry now.

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