From Your Accessory Experts: The Right Necklaces for Different Types of Necklines

types of necklines

Looking for the perfect necklace to wear?

Necklaces are the perfect accessory for you if you enjoy wearing jewelry every day. They take little space on your person and they’re the perfect accent accessory to fit any style you’re going for. Necklaces also fit you regardless of what top you’re wearing.

There’s one thing to note, though. Certain necklaces fit better for certain tops. This all depends on its neckline.

Different types of necklines have a distinct feature that makes certain necklaces look better with them. Knowing which necklace is best with what neckline helps you improve on your look. Read on to learn how you can accessorize based on your neckline.

1. V-Necks

V-necks are great at drawing attention down to your breasts. You can use this neckline to bring the focus on an amazing necklace. This makes any necklace with a bright focus great for these necklines.

Pendant necklaces are a great choice for this neckline. The main piece should rest an inch above your neckline. This will bring more focus on the pendant than the dress, making this a great way to show off your necklace.

These also work for plunging V-neck necklines. Choose a bigger pendant for these necklines because it’s important to keep them in proportion.

Consider a pendant that follows the shape of the neckline. Triangular pendants end in a point, making them ideal for these types of necklines.

2. Off Shoulder

Off-shoulder dresses have a shallow neckline and come in 2 different styles. Bandeaus reveal more skin and are often strapless. These cover only the middle part of your torso, exposing your cleavage and stomach.

This makes chokers the ideal necklace for bandeaus. These necklaces bring attention to your neck instead of your stomach. It also stresses the shape of your neck, making you give off a sexier vibe.

Bardot’s are full dresses that leave the shoulders exposed. They also have either long or short sleeves. This means they leave less flesh exposed.

These dresses call for a necklace with a short chain. This allows your neckline to remain the focal point of your outfit. The necklace only serves to accessorize your dress.

3. Turtlenecks

There are different ways to wear a necklace with a turtleneck. The best necklaces to wear with this neckline are long ones, though. Rope chain and lariat necklaces are great examples of necklaces that will complete your look.

These help with the illusion of making your body longer. This makes you look more elegant during a formal gathering. These are also great choices for layering.

People often wear turtlenecks along with coats and other layers of clothing. Long necklaces are a gorgeous addition to this look. This also makes them great accessories for your winter wardrobe.

4. Scoop Neckline

Scoop necklines give you a wide and deep area to accessorize. They’re also the most versatile neckline in that any necklace can look good when you’re wearing one. If you want to make the best of the situation, though, then you want to use all the space available.

This calls for necklaces with volume and layers. Bib necklaces are ideal for this necklace. They cover a lot of the area that the dress leaves exposed. These are also easy to get a hold of because of how trending they are right now.

Opera and matinee necklaces are a better choice if you want a simpler look. They can cover a large area without being too conspicuous in your neck.

5. Boatneck Necklines

A boat neckline is like an off-shoulder neckline. The only difference is that they’re not as deep as off-shoulders. They give you a broad neckline to work with instead.

Necklaces that work well with this broad neckline are those that elegant yet don’t take focus away from the neckline. Bead necklaces are a great example. They stay well above the neckline and give a touch of class to your look.

Princess necklaces are also a great choice. They’re simple enough to accent your dress and they’re beautiful on their own. This is important as you should accessorize the neckline, not draw attention away from it.

6. Collared Necklines

The necklines in collared shirts are as versatile as the ones for scoop dresses. They only differ in style, having scoop necklines demand more formal necklaces. Collared shirts work well with all necklaces, but what works best will depend on how long your neck is.

Having a long neck makes chokers ideal. They’ll give you a fun yet conservative look. This makes them the perfect jewelry for job interviews.

If you have a short neck, you will want a pendant necklace. The pendant should rest above the last open button. This gives a splash of class to your casual wear.

7. Sweetheart Necklines

Sweetheart necklines have a unique shape that makes it hard to choose the right necklace. The neckline puts a lot of focus on your neck and upper breast. Most people try to cover the area with a bib necklace.

This will defeat the purpose of the neckline, though. A sweetheart neckline means to help you flaunt your neck and chest. This makes small necklaces the best ones to wear.

Consider a necklace with a small but bright pendant. The pendant should complement the color of the dress to avoid stealing the focus.

8. Square Necklines

As the name suggests, square necklines give you a large square area to work with. The sharp edges of the neckline give you an idea of what necklace works well with it. Necklaces with rigid edges complement the shape of the neckline.

Diamond necklaces are ideal since most of their gems have sharp-looking edges. They’re often short, too. It will look better to have a necklace resting above the square neckline.

Get the Right Necklace for the Different Types of Necklines!

The types of necklines shouldn’t make it hard for you to wear a necklace. Know which necklaces go best with which neckline and complete your look today!

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