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Layers and Chokers: Stunning Necklace Trends 2019 You Must Wear

necklace trends
Necklace Trends

Do you love experimenting with the latest necklace trends? Then you’ll adore the look of layered necklaces and chokers.

Layering necklaces is a must-do for any fashionista that wants to upgrade their outfit to the next level while still looking effortless and cool.

And we all know of the choker – why they’ve been IN for the better part of the decade and today they’re still going strong. Edgy, funky, sleek, minimalist, or boho-style, there is a range of chokers to suit anyone.

However, while both trends look gorgeous on the catwalks, in the magazines, and on the women we pass by in the streets, experimenting with these looks ourselves seems a bit complicated. Where to start?

That’s where we come in to help. Here are our tips to help you get started so you can rock layered necklaces and chokers like a fashion guru!

How to Rock Layered Necklaces

Rocking layered necklaces in one of the hottest current jewelry trends.

But before you think about piling every necklace you own over your head, consider the neckline of your top and think of it as a frame for your necklaces.

The neckline of your top and your choice of necklaces should all work together as a team, rather than competing for attention. So, you’ll need to be careful not to overdo it.

V-neck tops are a great option to start with as they’re very easy to style and are also always on-trend. You might say it’s the perfect cut to show off your new necklace layering skills!

An off-the-shoulder top also works well to highlight your neck, shoulders, and, of course, your layered necklace look.

The color of your shirt is, of course, up to you but a dark monotone color will make the gold or sterling silver of your jewelry stand out if you go for classic pieces.

The good news is if you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of necklace layering is that you can never wear too much minimalist jewelry. So, a great place to start with is to layer lots of simple and delicate designs for a cohesive, chic, and minimalist look.

To add extra interest, don’t be afraid to choose chains of various lengths, weights, and textures. This doesn’t just look edgy and interesting, but it also helps reduce tangling! And we all know how annoying it can be when your jewelry ends up in a huge tangled mess.

There are various types of necklaces to layer – from beads, cable, rope, snake, and so on. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works for you!

How to Rock Chokers

Popular in the 90s, the choker necklace is one of the top jewelry trends that’s stuck around.

As mentioned, the choker comes in a huge variety of styles and designs, so there’s an option out there to suit everyone.

Before you rush out to choose a choker, you should consider the width and the length of your neck. If you have a long neck, then you can experiment with wider chokers that feature beautiful details and embellishments.

For ladies with shorter and wider necks, simple chokers suit better so as not to overwhelm the neck with extra detail.

When it comes to pairing chokers with earring trends, it’s best to keep earrings on the smaller side. As your neck is an extension of your face, larger earrings can end up touching a choker necklace and it can look a little too much. Plus, large statement earrings may detract attention away from the choker and can frame your face in a boxy way.

So, when choosing earrings to pair with your choker, make sure it isn’t overkill. Small and delicate go best to complement the look rather than complicate it!

Like when layering necklaces, you’ll also want to consider the neckline of the top you’re going to wear with a choker.

A crew neckline in a matching color is a discreet and subtle way to pair your choker to your outfit. For example, if you opt for a black velvet choker to wear with a simple black tee shirt. The finished look will be understated yet trendy.

Combing Trends 2019

When you’ve caught the hang of styling both layered necklaces and chokers separately, you can really start to experiment. It’s time to combine the layered necklace trend with the choker trend!

For example, layering lots of simple, thin chokers is a great way to liven up any outfit. Pair different colored chokers together for a more daring look which works well if you’re heading out for the night.

You don’t need to stick to layering chokers, either. Mix up a choker with several different necklaces of your choice, each one with a different length. The result will be a funky, trendy, and individual look. This is your chance to show off your style, as you can showcase your favorite necklaces together and work with different types of chains, lengths, and styles.

Ready to Try These Necklace Trends for 2019?

By experimenting with these necklace trends you’re sure to gain confidence when wearing them with time.

One of the many reasons we love the combination of layering necklaces with chokers is the opportunity it allows for personal expression. Think about it – nobody else is going to wear the same combination of necklaces that you are. At the very least, the chances are extremely unlikely.

Plus, wearing different pieces of jewelry together lets you enjoy more of the jewelry in your collection regularly. You may even find yourself wearing older pieces that were left at the bottom of the jewelry box, once forgotten about.

If you fancy adding some stylish new pieces to your collection to improve your layering necklace look, feel free to have a look at our variety of necklaces and pendants.

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