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Made Just for You: 10 Stunning and Thoughtful Personalized Jewelry Gift Ideas

personalized jewelry

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be thinking of what kind of special and meaningful gifts to give your loved ones. Personalized jewelry can be a great gift idea for everyone on your list. 

Get personal with your loved ones this season without the stress of gift hunting. We’re sure you’ll find some awesome options in our guide that the whole family can love. 

1) Name Necklace 

Like fictional fashionista Carrie Bradshaw, every fashionable lady loves a personalized necklace with their name in cursive. We love this option because this item can become a wardrobe staple your loved one can incorporate into all their outfits.

If you get a simple gold or silver 14′ option, this can be a timeless piece, making sure you get your loved one something that will never tarnish or go out of style. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, try a diamond-studded option that will make your loved one sparkle. 

2) Coordinate Jewelry 

This one has been blowing up recently, and we totally get why. This cute trend is a whole new way to personalize an item, with coordinates of a location. We are seeing this trend engraved on everything from rings to necklaces and bracelets. 

If you’re getting this gift for your significant other, you can get coordinates engraved onto your jewelry of choice with any place that has significance to your relationship. Using the coordinates of where you first met, your home or where you had your first date is a great way to show your partner you did your research on their gift this year.

Getting an item for yourself with matching coordinates can make for a great couples accessory. This subtle and sleek personalized idea isn’t too obvious and may mean something special to just you and your significant other.

3) Charm Bracelets 

Charm bracelets are a great and timeless personalized gift idea that can be added to year after year. This is a great idea for any husband or father who can never think of what to get their wife or daughter for the holidays, as you can add a sweet charm every year.

You can add personalized charms such as ones reflecting your loved one’s hobbies, their birthstones, monogram or initials. To purchase our favorite charm bracelet, view this page. 

4) Birthstone Jewelry 

Birthstone jewelry is a great go-to idea for that special person on your list. This idea will never get old and can be such a special gift. Birthstone earrings, rings, or necklaces are a beautiful gift that can also be a great way to make for a continuing gifting idea.

You can always buy your loved one a new birthstone piece to add to their collection so that they can have a full personalized set. To learn what your loved one’s birthstone is, head to this helpful site. 

5) Zodiac Sign Jewelry 

This is a great gift for anyone who is interested in their horoscope. There are tons of different options when it comes to zodiac jewelry, as they are becoming super popular among younger crowds. 

If you’re looking for a simple option, try getting your loved one a bracelet, necklace or ring that depicts the signs simple line symbol. If you’re loved one likes more bling or is interested in the astrology aspects of the zodiac, try a pendant necklace option that depicts their sign’s constellation, with a diamond in the place of each star. 

6) Custom Lockets 

This option allows the recipient to carry their loved ones with them when wearing the locket. This classic option allows you to put a photo inside the necklace that will surprise your loved one. For a heartfelt gift, put a photo of yourself, your family, or a beloved pet inside the locket. This gift is sure to make your significant other feel special. 

7) Personalized Hair Clip 

Hair clips and barrettes are a style that is coming back and is an especially smart present to get your young daughter or granddaughter. This blingy option is a little something different and is a great way to get your loved one a unique gift. You can either get their name, initials or a word to describe them or something they love encrusted onto an elegant hair clip for a glittery gift she will love. 

8) Birth Flower Necklace

While wearing your birthstone is common, wearing or even knowing your birth flower is less so. This is a great option for someone who likes unique styles, or florals. We love pendants with birth flowers engraved for a subtly personalized gift that’s sure to go with everything in their wardrobe. 

9) Romantic Jewelry 

If you’re looking for romantic personalized jewelry for an anniversary, try getting a piece that will memorialize the event. We love this heart and key necklace that can show your loved one that they are the key to your heart. This unique necklace is fastened by putting the key through the heart, which is a unique way for your significant other to think of you every time they put it on. 

10) Men’s Personalized Jewelry Options 

Personalized jewelry isn’t just limited to ladies. Try getting the man in your life a personalized money clip, ring or dog tag necklace. This is a great way to give your man something special and to give him something back for all the jewelry he’s given you through the years. 

Make Gift-Giving Personal This Year With Personalized Jewelry 

Give your loved one something they can keep forever with personalized jewelry. Make sure you show how much you care this year by taking the time to personalized items for your loved ones. 

Head to our site for numerous amazing jewelry gifts for your special someone. 

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