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Making a Statement: How to Wear Big Statement Earrings

big statement earrings

When it comes to many things in life, it’s true that bigger is better — and we think this totally applies to big statement earrings. While small diamonds and studs are a classic, a statement earring can add major bling to every outfit. This trend is back and better than ever!

Not sure you know how to pull off statement earrings? Keep reading for our statement earring style guide.

Big Statement Earrings: A Complete Style Guide

Take a risk and get out of your fashion comfort zone with a big statement earring. Here’s our guide on our favorite statement earring styles and how to pair them with your outfits. 

Summer Statement Trends We Love

Statement earrings are a great option for summer because they are off your body and look great with a summer hairstyle like a bob or updo. Keeping your hair and jewelry off your body is helpful when fighting off the summer heat and looking your best. During summer, ditch your chunky statement necklaces and bracelets and replace them with awesome statement earrings. 

A style we love for summer is colorful fringe earrings. This trend is everywhere because it’s so fun and gives your outfit some awesome texture. We love a bold teal, pink or fuschia fringe earring for summer, paired with your favorite tropical maxi dress and sandals for a vacation-ready look you’ll love. 

Have you heard of shoulder-duster earrings? If not, try them out this summer, as they are such a fun way to experiment with statement earrings! These earrings are pretty self-explanatory, as they have either long fringe or beaded tassels that breeze your shoulders.

Rainbow hues and yellow shoulder-dusters are great ways to amp up your simple summer wear. These earrings go best when paired with off the shoulder, strapless or cold shoulder outfits so that your shoulders are bare and you don’t have to worry about your earrings clashing with your outfit. This is a great way to make sure your outfit doesn’t appear too busy. 

Spring Statements Forever

Spring statement earrings can be a great way to bring out pops of color in your favorite floral pieces. Going to a spring wedding? Try finding a colorful statement piece that coordinates with your favorite floral maxi dress.

We also love a good statement hoop with a floral maxi. Oversized hoops can add some detail to your outfit, and we are loving the Puca shell lined hoops we are seeing this year that are perfect for your next beach wedding. Looking for the perfect floral maxi dress? Head to this blog for tips on our favorite florals this year

Another trend we love for spring and summer are turquoise statement earrings. These accent a summer tan perfectly, and go so well with an all-white dress or romper. This fresh summer look can be best paired with a simple nude clutch, making your earrings the main focus.

In contrast, you can hold onto these earrings and wear them with all-black outfits in fall!

Fall & Winter Statement Earrings 

Statement earrings aren’t only for the warmer months. The fall and winter seasons are a great time to experiment with your statement earrings. 

For these reasons, we love simple metallics. One of our favorite statement earring styles is geometric metallics. These go great with any chic or edgy outfit.

These unique earrings are some of our favorites and can be perfectly paired with black skinny jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket. This can add a bit of gold bling to your everyday rocker style, plus they are super affordable!

Not in the mood for a white tee? Change it out for your favorite band t-shirt instead!

In fall and winter, darker outfits are more typical. Pair any earring with an all-black outfit for an easy and effortless look.

One of our favorite wardrobe staples in fall are chambray or denim button-down tops or jackets. Find a white statement earring that can work nicely with these hues of blue. 

Tortoise earrings are back and trending more than ever. We are loving these for a little something different for fall. The warm hues go great with all black, or chambray and denim. 

How to: Styling Your Hair to Accent Your Statement Earrings 

Because statement earrings are so big, you’ll want to make sure your hair is out of the way so that your earrings are visible, and so that you don’t have to worry about getting your hair out of them all night. 

To make sure your earrings are the main attraction, and to avoid annoying tangling, try a stylish slick or messy top knot depending on the occasion. We love top knots for bad hair days, and pairing them with a statement earring can make your look seamless and stylish. 

We love a braided updo and statement earrings for weddings or other formal events. Keeping your hair up, but still looking elegant and beautiful can make sure you stay cool, and you’re not worrying about hair spraying your locks over and over again. This stress-free look goes perfectly with a sparkly statement earring

Statement Earrings: A Must Have 

As you can see, there are so many big statement earring options that can take your outfit to the next level. These are awesome wardrobe staples to have on hand year-round, for any event or for the everyday. If you haven’t tried this trend out yet, grab a pair of statement earrings on our site today!

To shop all of our amazing jewelry options, head to our site, where we have tons of different styles at amazingly affordable prices. 

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