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9 Reasons Why Every Couple Should Both Wear a Platinum Ring

platinum ring

Platinum is a common and useful metal used in jewelry — especially for engagement rings. A platinum ring is incredible as everyday jewelry because of its brilliance and strength. It’s also one of the most expensive and luxurious metals due to its exclusive material.

There are many advantages that platinum has over other materials. Learn about these nine reasons why every couple should both wear a platinum ring. And consider a platinum engagement and/or wedding band before any other metal material. 

1. Platinum Material is Naturally White

A great benefit of platinum rings is the natural whiteness. In comparison to white gold, platinum jewelry shines much brighter than the slight tint of white gold. Platinum material doesn’t require Rhodium plating which allows you to see the polished metal with a clear, mirror surface. 

2. Platinum Rings can be Recycled

Not all metals can be worked, repaired, re-finished and recycled. Due to platinum’s natural density, it can be recycled and returned to its naturally polished and gleaming appearance. A vintage platinum ring can have a history of years and years of wear without anyone noticing!

Platinum material is very durable since is loses less metal during re-polishing. Therefore, platinum rings carry longevity no matter how long you and your partner wear them. Its natural patina builds on the surface so any accumulated scratches or wear should be seen as a unique characteristic. 

Remember that these scratches can be removed with a simple re-polish or with non-abrasive Platinum cloths. 

3. Platinum Material is Luxurious

The value of platinum rings is not just in their appearance. Once you have a platinum ring band on your finger, you can immediately feel the luxury. Platinum is heavier and has a significant feel to it. 

In fact, platinum material weights a third heavier than most white gold and is twice as heavy as the material Palladium. 

4. Platinum Jewelry is Rare

Platinum is an extremely rare metal which is why it’s more expensive than others. Extraction costs and platinum availability also adds to the rareness. It even increases the intrinsic value of platinum material over others. 

Platinum is also in very high demand. The use of this material expands further than you’d imagine. Many of us have Platinum in very small quantities right on our mobile devices. 

5. Platinum Material is Pure

You can find pure platinum at most fine jewelers. Its purity not only makes it hypoallergenic, but it also makes it an ideal choice for naturalists. You won’t have to worry about wearing a wedding band that has toxic blends of other materials. 

Pure platinum requires a piece to be 90 to 95 percent pure. If it is less than 90 percent than that indicates that it’s mixed with one or more other metals. Pure platinum is a precious metal as opposed to gold, which is often a lot less pure. 

Platinum alloy is still mixed platinum of 5 to 10 percent of other precious metals. Hence why a Platinum alloy ring is still hypoallergenic and typically more expensive than a gold ring. Gold rings are commonly alloyed with other metals like nickel. 

You can identify pure platinum material by its whiteness. Platinum jewelry is also stamped with markings inside of the piece. That official stamp will indicate the platinum level used in the jewelry. 

6. Platinum is Hypo-Allergenic

A platinum ring is perfect for someone suffering from allergies or a person with sensitive skin. If you keep your platinum rings clean, it’ll be a perfect choice to be worn every day as a wedding band. You can find a variety of platinum wedding rings with a variety of designs to suit you and your partner’s preferences. 

7. A Platinum Ring is Strong

Platinum jewelry is very strong and is the best material for setting diamonds. A platinum ring’s surface is not extremely hard and it can scratch, but has different malleability. Since platinum material doesn’t bend easily and is less malleable, it’s a great choice for housing diamonds stronger than other metal choices.

8. Platinum is Ever-Lasting

The weight and density of platinum are what make it such a durable and precious metal. You’ll be able to cherish your platinum ring band for generations to come. And like other precious metals, platinum jewelry can age with everyday wear. 

Unlike other precious metals, platinum will not wear away nor will it lose layers of metal. In fact, the longer you wear this metal, the harder the surface becomes. And also unlike other metals, you won’t need to reinforce or re-shank platinum jewelry. 

9. Platinum Material is Secure

Platinum material is perfect for holding gemstones and gives jewelry room for a unique design. The more durable the metal material, the more securely it holds the gemstone. And platinum’s strength, corrosion resistance, and durability make it extremely secure for holding diamonds and other gemstones. 

Platinum rings with platinum prongs offer better protection for diamonds than a brittle gold prong does. Those tend to break once subjected to force or everyday wear. And when properly designed, platinum’s strength is the best at securing any gemstone. 

Invest in a Platinum Ring Today

Platinum is a metal with deep-rooted history and everlasting use. Rarer than gold and much stronger than most metals, you and your partner would benefit from wearing a platinum ring over any other material. Add a touch of luxury and lifetime longevity by investing in platinum jewelry. 

We offer the greatest service and best prices on high-quality products — find your perfect jewelry piece today!

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